As I write this, the annual meeting is still under way. The first order of business was to read the results of the election. Those receiving votes for board positions are as follows, winners are in Bold:

Gary Tucker – 518 votes
Jason Moos – 501
Michelle Frigola – 387

Marty Shapiro – 317
Rosemary Smith – 298
Alexander Stanich -296
Steven Vereen – 188

Results of the vote for the special assessment are as follows:

Yes – 322 votes
No – 504

Well, that’s that, right?

Not hardly.

According to our attorney, who is present on the phone, since there was not a majority of the total voting interests of the owners to either approve the special assessment cast, nothing has been decided on that question.

There was a motion to adjourn the meeting to a later date in order to get votes so that we have a majority of all the voting interests, and it was approved through proxy voting. Meeting adjourned.

More to follow.

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