These photos were taken by Gary Rumberger over the last few days, and were provided to me by Gary Tucker. Gary tucker asked me to post these on the Hawks Nest website, since due to the current computer situation at the Hawks Nest, he was not able to do it himself.


  1. Sherry M. Wray

    My heart is breaking πŸ’”! Just 4 months ago I was there.. Standing at the pool, fishing from the dock, laying in the hammock beside the tiki hut. My first trip to Florida and I don’t want it to be the last! I want to see Hawks Nest whole and beautiful again. I wish I could come help! Thank you Bob for posting these and keeping us informed!

    1. Bob Hogg Post author

      I haven’t heard very much, Sherry. I sent an email to Gary Tucker on Tuesday, asking if he had any news of our workers. He wrote back to let me know that along with Gary Rumberger, Kate was back and in her home, and the maintenance men, Tony and Kyle were back at work also. He had no information whatsoever with regard to the housekeepers. He was planning on going down to the Hawks Nest on Wednesday, but I don’t know if he was able to make it down there or not. Im hoping to hear from him soon. I think the communications are somewhat better in the Keys than they were. I do know that the Sunset Grille opened back up today or yesterday.

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