I started making plans, helping Gary Rumberger and staff start preparing for Irma and as I stated before having a hurricane procedure to follow plus Gary R thinking outside the box by taping and sealing all the first floor doors kept the damage to a minimum. I landed in Key West 5:30 pm Wed. the 27th. And as I drove up US 1 I saw debris piled 15 ft. or more high and miles long beside the road, what I imagined from pictures I had seen wasn’t even close to the reality of issues residents are dealing with. When I walked onto our property I was amazed at the progress of clean up that had been made by Gary R, the contractor and Tony. You need to know they worked days without electric, water, phones, internet or cable plus the temps in the 90 degrees with 85% humidity. The grounds look like a war zone but the rooms, roof and building had some water damage but is in amazing shape. We had glass panels in two set of glass sliding doors break, 504 and 301 but on that end of the building 4 others was twisted and sucked off the tracks. We couldn’t buy a wheelbarrow, tarps, plywood, or any other supplies needed to seal up the building and when items started coming in you were in line for hours to buy anything.


First when Gary R. arrived he had to park on the road because what we had thought was sand in our parking lot and piled against the building was actually coral rock 2 to 3 ft. high. We couldn’t get anyone to clear the rock, no equipment was available and contractors weren’t accepting calls so I sent a contractor from my home town and we got the parking lot and grounds cleaned up plus removed the debris piled against the building, doors, and used the rock to back fill the seawall. Now the seawall is in the same condition it was before the storm plus now we now know it has concrete pilings tying it into the filled area on the pool side.

We are cleaning the lobby and bathroom areas

We have hosed down all the mud and sand from the parking lots and concrete areas around the pool.

Cleaning up debris

Calling and meeting contractors every day (Most are not local) Rosemary and Marty have been great in putting me in contact with contractors from lower and middle Florida. Connie Ross (our CPA) has been great getting us any reports we need and staying on top of the bookkeeping side of things. Owners such as Keith Gulliver, Joe Shipman, Lew Werth, Pete Stade, John Kirby, Jay Kirby and too many more to mention have all been helping with any info and knowledge that can be of help. My sincere thanks to all of you. I asked Lew if wanted the president’s job back and you can imagine what he said (Ha-Ha)

We have meet with insurance adjusters from both our Insurance Company and our public adjuster.

We had Kelly Electric come in to make sure the electric in the building was safe enough to restore the power.

We have a company coming to start drying the humidity from all the rooms that had water intrusion plus some outer walls have high humidity readings just because we went over a week without being able to be in the building to start running AC units to control moisture and carpet issues.

Home Depot has done a great job of getting stocked up with needed materials

I have an account with Sunbelt Rentals and we are on a waiting list for a lift and other equipment we need and I check daily and I ‘m told I’m next on the list but contractors are extending their time and keeping the equipment so we wait.

Now comes the kicker: We have been told by the Insurance consulting company ( George Keys Claims Consultant) that we are to stop doing anything until he can bring his team in to take pictures, access damages etc. and we called again today to see when this is going to happen. We are allowed to seal and protect the building and contents which we are doing and we are still getting bids for repairs so we can be ready to move when the claims are settled.

We had an adjuster look at the boats and called today to see where they are at with settlement.

My promise to all is myself, your board and staff will work as hard and fast as possible to get The Hawks Nest back on its feet, get it open so the owners can start enjoying our great home. The challenges are overwhelming and it isn’t going to happen overnight. Remember I’m talking tons of calls each day but if you feel that it is important, please do call. Thank You.

Your President Gary Tucker 859-638-3871.

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