Kurt D. Gardinier

Re: Letter from Gary Tucker and maint fees

I am of the opinion that maint fees for this year should be assessed pro rata. I.e., if you own four weeks and none of those were available, you would owe no fees for this year. On the other hand if all four of your weeks were available you would pay all of the maintenance fees this year. And finally, if you own four weeks and two weeks were available, you would pay half of this years assessment.

I.e., if your weeks are available you would pay the maintenance fees and if not you would not pay maintenance fees.

One thought on “Kurt D. Gardinier

  1. cathycrimhall

    The Hawk’s Nest operates on an annual budget based on the maintenance fees collected from the owners. If no one pays their fees, there is no money to operate with. Without that income, you might as well board the place up. I don’t think that is what any of us want.

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