Information for Owners?

I understand that there has been major damage all over the Keys. We have friends that live in Marathon,  whose homes were badly damaged, as well as friends in KW. I think with all the technology available, that the unit owners should have at least had a little better information available to them, be it the Facebook page or the Website itself. We were due to come next month, we understand this will not happen and may not well into 2018. Again all understandable. I just wish my information had come from someone at the Hawks Nest, not someone who lives in Marathon and knows someone that works at Hawks Nest. We also were told that the post office was closed and have been in need of mailing something to Hawks Nest. So where do we go from here? My husband and I have been owners for 15 years and purchased his parents units, of which they were original owners. So we get things happen, but would have liked,  more information from Hawks Nest. I apologize it this is not the place to post this, but hitting a brick wall with whom or where to find information.

2 thoughts on “Information for Owners?

  1. Bob Hogg

    There have been many updates and dozens of photos posted on this website as well as on the official Hawks Nest website, literally starting the night before Irma hit the Keys. It is difficult to get any information out right now since the cell service and internet are still problematic. As a matter of fact, the other day, the Manager Gary Rumberger drove out of the Keys so that he could get photos and his report out. These appear just below this post.

  2. Trosendale Post author

    Well I guess when we go down to the Key’s next month we will take our chances when we are driving through that we can catch up with someone at the Hawks Nest.

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