Recently, I have received emails from numerous owners wondering what is going on down at the Hawks Nest, and that they had seen no Hurricane Updates from the board or management regarding progress on the reconstruction and repair of the property. I explained to each of them that the updates appear in their own section of the Hawks Nest website. For some, this was enough. Others, however, were not able to log in to the website, and said they were unable to get help to do so. In those cases, I told them they should contact the office for help.

Therefore, for those of you who can’t get on to the Hawks Nest website for whatever reason, you will be able to see the them here, the most recent one first. Some of the updates contained photographs, but they did not copy.

Obviously, you will see the official information soonest on the Hawks Nest site, but if for some reason that is unavailable to you, I have posted it here and will continue to do so in the future.


Hurricane Update 8/1/18

Bank Loan- We received the loan term sheet today from the bank. The terms will now be voted on by the entire board to able to move forward with repairs until we receive the insurance settlement. We also have a substantial amount of money in the reserves.

Construction- The electrician installed the new roof vents to replace the ones torn from the roof in Irma. He will also be starting the removal of the electrical components from the old fire pump (conduit, lines, etc.) next week. This needs to be done before the installation of the new fire pump.

Insurance– We had a conference call today with George Keys, a couple of board members, an adviser, and myself. It was a productive meeting and we were happy with the answers that we received from them. I will wait until the next update to expand on the insurance progress. There are things happening in the pipeline right now that just aren’t quite finished and I feel it is better to wait until it is completed to update everyone.

Maintenance Fees– As of August 1, 2018 we have collected 91% of this year’s maintenance fees.

Best regards,

Gary Rumberger-GM

Hurricane update – July 18, 2018


WIND – The Insurance Adjuster should be responding to our POL filing tomorrow (July 19th) as his 30 days are up.

FLOOD- Mark Earle from Keys Claims and the 2 flood insurance Attorneys were at the HN today to start preparation to file our additional monies flood claim. One of the attorneys had 14 years’ experience working for FEMA. They feel confident that will be able to recover the additional money owed to us from our flood insurance. This review resulted from a conference call Gary Tucker had with George Keys, Mark Earle, and one of the flood attorneys. Gary asked them many questions about the next steps and the cost. Gary Tucker also requested that Mike Oostmeyer and Gary Rumberger be copied on all correspondence between George Keys the insurance company and the attorneys. George Keys assured Gary Tucker that this would take place going forward.


I spoke to Angela from Centennial Bank today and the loan is still with the “powers that be” waiting on approval.


June/Fiscal Year End Financial Reports are posted on the website.

As of July 1st (due date) we have received 86%+ of this year’s maintenance fees. Past due notices are in the mail.


The pool and spa have been cleared of the coral and assorted other debris. It looks like we may be able to salvage/repair the pool. The contractors that bid on the job can now return and have a clearer picture of the damage. The spa will probably be a full replacement. (Pictures at end of update)

Our Contracted Electrician will be on site Thursday and Friday working on the roof vents that were lost during the storm. We received the OK to replace them to prevent water from intruding into the building

As always, any questions or comments, call me.

Mike Oostmeyer

231 745 7870

Hurricane Update – July 1, 2018

INSURANCE – Our Wind Proof of Loss was filed with the Insurance Adjuster, and he has Acknowledged Receipt of the same. Gary Rumberger spoke to Mark Earle from Keys Claims this morning and the insurance company has 30 days to respond from the day on filing. Mark also stated that George Keys will be sending us a status report this week.

BANK LOAN – Instead of an answer we got another list of questions, that we have since answered.

BUDGET/FINANCIAL REPORTS – As of Friday June 29th we have received 70.6 % of the payments due.

The May Financial Reports have been Posted.

REPAIRS – Seawall- We have removed and back filled the boat dock area that was destroyed along the seawall. This week we will be removing the debris and coral from the Pool and Spa while the contractor is still at the campground. This will save us mobilization charges after he has returned to Key West.

ELECTRICIAN- We have entered in to a long-term contract with an electrical contractor that covers all the electrical projects throughout our many repair projects. This assured us of having a source when needed, and at a lower cost than arranging things for each project.

As always, if you have any questions feel free to call me. I’m not real busy right now as I have just had Hip Replacement Surgery and I am not going anywhere.

Mike Oostmeyer


JUNE 18, 2018 UPDATE

INSURANCE – The Wind Proof of Loss has yet to be filed. We are up to the fourth update of the document since the first of the month. We keep finding and correcting minor discrepancies in the POL. Hopefully it will pass muster, and be filed today.

BANK LOAN- As of Friday it was in the hands of the Banks Underwriters. The Loan Officer said we should have an answer this week.

BUDGET- The updated Budget was approved and adopted, and is now posted on the Owners area of the Website.

REPAIRS- After much discussion the Board and a majority of owners at the meeting on Saturday, June 16th agreed that starting repairs could/would be detrimental to our ongoing insurance claim and (assumed) eventual Arbitration process. That said, we will not be starting the repairs July 1st.

As always, if you have questions call me – 231 745 7870

Mike Oostmeyer


A number of owners have called me to ask when the HN will be open. We have a number of projects (18) that need to be completed for that to happen. Our time estimate for those projects is about six months from when we start, and we have yet to start, and at this time we still do not have the funds for the repairs.

The Bank has yet to give us an answer on our loan application, but we did supply them with the last documentation they needed earlier this week.

Our Insurance Company did send us their initial offer ($23,801.17) and a statement that the damages we have were pre-existing (before the hurricane) and therefore are not covered. That email is included below.


From: Spears, Leon
Sent: Friday, May 11, 2018 3:57 PM
To: George Keys

Subject: Chubb Claim #KY17K2256826; Hawk’s Nest Condominium, Marathon, FL: VCI File #BOC17042940
Importance: High


Please find attached the estimate prepared by Young & Associates for the repairs to the damages at Hawk’s Nest totaling $150,015.26. The current undisputed loss of $288,371.92 is derived after including the mitigation cost provided by your office of $138,356.66. A undisputed ACV claim of $23,801.17 is derived after subtracting the recommended depreciation of $11,667.10 and the applicable named storm deductible of $252,903.65.

We have prepared a proof of loss reflecting the pertinent information and a claim for the undisputed ACV claim amount. We are requesting that you provide the name or names of any mortgage holders, lien holders and/or additional loss payees applicable to the associations properties in the space by TITLE AND INTEREST marked with an “X” or write in “None” if there are no mortgage holders, lien holders and/or additional loss payees. Then, have the appropriate association representative sign the form before a notary, have the form notaries and return the form to our office. The signed form can be scanned and email to our office. Payment will be issued once the signed form has been received. Please provide mailing instructions where payment should be forwarded.

As you are aware, an inspection of the loss location was conducted with our engineer, Unified Investigation & Sciences on April 24, 2018. Unified is still in the process of completing their report. Once received, this information will be provided to the carrier for review. We will address this matter once the carrier has completed their review.

Please call if you have any questions.

Thank you,

M. Leon Spears, Jr.


This means we will have to file suit to reach a court ordered settlement, which we are in the process of doing.

Other than that, the Phone System should be up and running by the end of next week.

Gary Tucker also has a Note under the Presidents Message and it is included following this update.

As always if you have questions, please call me.

Mike Oostmeyer



This is to address the issues we are having with our insurance company and the procedures that will have to take place which up until now I didn’t totally understand (especially why we couldn’t start working on the building).

Mike Oostmeyer and I attended a teleconference call with George Keys and Mark Earle of Keys Claims (our public adjuster) to discuss the offer that was submitted to us by our insurance company which was $23,801.17 when our public adjuster is seeking about $5,800,000.00. The insurance company says the damages they saw were not related to the IRMA Hurricane. So as I understand, our next step is to file suit against them and start the arbitration procedures which will involve a third party such as a judge or someone of that stature. This person will only see what is presented to them in documents and will then have to decide what is true and fair. During this time the arbitrator might ask to come to the building and see the damages. If we have already repaired items that we are disclosing for loss, it could raise some questions that fall into a grey area. We have told our Public Adjuster that come July first we will be starting to look at moving forward with repairs even if it compromises part of our claim. We can no longer just sit back and wait. I have asked Mike Oostmeyer to add to this to his update as well as comments from our GM, Gary Rumberger. I expect to have a budget meeting within the next two weeks and we will be discussing what we plan to do next.

Gary Tucker – President BOD


Treasurer Mike Oostmeyer received this email last night from our public adjuster. Board President Gary Tucker will sign and return it as soon as he receives it.

Hello Mike,

The flood proof of loss was submitted on 5/11/18. The amount of the proof is $318,765.06. The wind estimate and proof of loss will be sent to Gary tomorrow. As soon as we have it signed and return, we will be submitting it to the company. We know that the proof for wind is going to be over $5 million. The estimate has 3,142 entries and in our final review an error was identified. Not a major one but Mr. Keys wants this estimate exact.


Mark Earle

For the Firm

Keys Claims Consultants, Inc.


The Bank Loan- The bank is awaiting one document, the “insurance carriers adjustment”. We have yet to receive that from them. The filing of the Proof Of Loss should force the issue on this.


We have received confirmation that the new phone system will be installed the Week of June 4th. I will add another post here when it is operational.

Any questions, give me a call.
Mike Oostmeyer


George Keys met with our Insurance Company Adjuster and Five Insurance Company Engineers at the Hawks Nest on Tuesday April 24th. Each Engineer covered one floor and reviewed the data we had filed in our 347-page POL (Proof of Loss) document we had filed with the Insurance Company on April 6th. After spending all day on site, they requested two weeks to review their findings at their office.
Those two weeks are up Tuesday May 8th. Hopefully we will get at least some sort of Settlement Offer, and a release so we can start work on the building.

Our Loan Application is still progressing through the bank hierarchy and is currently with the President and their Board of Directors.

If you have questions on any of these feel free to call me.

Mike Oostmeyer
231 745 7870
pudates from the board or management


  1. hawkro

    I am the first one applaud the work everyone has done, especially the BOD. I have been following the proceedings closely, reading every update. I realize that we run this ship on a tight budget and as such my only concern is, and I don’t know this for a fact, we may be selecting the wrong insurance carriers for flood, wind and hurricane losses, perhaps insurance carriers that are at the bottom of the totem pole.  THERE WILL BE MORE HURRICANES in the Hawks Nest’s future.  Let’s splurge a little bit next time and get insurance carriers that actually pay claims without a legal battle.  Bob Hawkins Week 24, units 202/404/407

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