My apologies for the lack of new posts recently. Our website was down from the middle of December until the beginning of this month. Hopefully, we are back for good. I have had several owners write me to find out what is going on and to ask if they will be able to use their weeks this year at the Hawks Nest.

I have answered them, and am now posting much of the same information here. Some of what I have to say will be repetitive, but it will bring those who have not heard anything before up to date.

If you haven’t registered on the official Hawks Nest website,, you can do that. Whether or not they are able to register new users at the present time, I don’t know, but that’s where official information goes when they have it, when their computer and internet situation permits. Our president, Gary Tucker, has been working very hard on all of this, and he may have more up-to-date information. His telephone number is: 859-638-3871.

As I understand it, the damage has been as follows:

1. The grounds suffered considerable wind and water damage. Trees were blown down, several tikis were destroyed, both of the docks and the davits for the boats were destroyed.

2. It appears that the pool and hot tub were damaged beyond repair, as was the fire pump, which is intended to pump water from the pool into the sprinkler system in the event of a fire. This is a very important item, since no one can occupy the building without a working fire pump. I’m told that the new one will take about 4 months to be designed and installed, and I am told that the process is underway.

3. Three apartments, 301, 507, and the manager’s apartment suffered water damage from the storm, and need renovation, and there was relatively minor damage to the exterior of the building.

4. Since the county would not let anyone go back down into the Keys for the better part of a week, and with the building sealed up with no electricity or air conditioning, many of those units that were not initially affected, suffered a large amount of mold damage. We had to remove approximately 10,000 square feet of drywall, dry out the building and remediate the mold to prevent further damage.

5. The biggest contributors to the delay, however, have been our insurance companies. They have been obstructing us and delaying things since the beginning. We are told that other than work to prevent further damage (drying out the building, etc.), we cannot do any work to put things back together without their say-so, and they’re not giving it so far. We have hired a firm to represent us with the insurance companies, the same one we hired after the 2005 hurricane, and which got us a million dollars. This time we will need much more, I’m afraid.

6. The last thing I heard regarding reopening was the middle of May at the earliest.

Here is a letter from that firm which gives a very good explanation of what we have to do to avoid losing our rights to insurance money.

What I hope is that everyone, including the officers, board, management, owners, and most importantly the insurance companies, keeps uppermost in their minds is that for EVERY SINGLE DAY that we are delayed, owners of the Hawks Nest lose $2,800 in maintenance fees paid for time that they cannot use. That’s $336,000 and counting, as of today. That is money that we will never get back. There is no insurance to cover that.

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  1. mensch

    Hi Bob, thanks for the long awaited update. I, like many others, have been somewhat anxious for news regarding the doings on Kyle Way South. I have been very reluctant to contact HN directly, thinking Gary and staff have their hands full around the clock. As dire as things sound, I’m hopeful I haven’t had my last vacation at Hawks Nest. Finger crossed…..Richie Schwartz WK 48

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