Help With Your Deeds

As most of you are aware, initial payments from the insurance proceeds are being mailed out to owners. This is the beginning of the liquidation process. Coming as the funds are available, will be the proceeds, if any, of the lawsuits we have pending against the insurance company, and the funds realized by the sale of the remaining assets, consisting chiefly of the real estate and the value of the occupancy permits.

In order for you to receive your share, you must download and sign the affidavit of ownership and permission for the board to sell the assets and distribute them, include COPIES of your deeds, and return them to the office. You can find and download or print the instructions and the affidavit HERE and HERE.

Kate is working very hard to go through the paperwork returned to her, verify the weeks, and process the checks. I addition to all this Kate and and Gary have also been helping people find copies of their deeds on the county website. This coupled with the fact that they no longer work full-time at the Hawks Nest, makes the process quite time consuming.

Over my years running this website and keeping up with the sales at the Hawks Nest, I am familiar with the County Register of Deeds website, and can help any of you find your deeds or find them for you if you are having trouble finding them yourself. I’m happy to help if you wish. Just email me at and I will respond as soon as I can.

Bob Hogg

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