Since many of you are unable to log in to the Hawks Nest website, I have copied and pasted verbatim the published minutes of the June 16th conference call board meeting. It’s refreshing to see the minutes so soon after the meeting. Small victories, I guess.

“The regular meeting of the Hawks Nest Board of Directors was held on Saturday June 16, 2018 10:00 A.M. In attendance by phone were Gary Tucker- President, Rosemary Smith-VP, Keith Gilliver-Secretary, Mike Oostmeyer-Treasurer, Marty Shapiro- Director, Gary Rumberger -GM, and Kate Chaffin – Office manager were in attendance at the Hawks Nest property. There were numerous owners who called in by phone for the meeting.

Board members approved the minutes from the last meeting May 13, 2018

Gary Tucker called this meeting to discuss with the board and the owners whether to move forward with the repairs beginning on July 8, 2018. Mr. Tucker brought up that we would have to go against the advice of our Public Adjuster George Keys and jeopardize receiving any monies from the insurance company to begin working on the building. After listening to the owners and board members opinions that called in and expressed their desire that we wait and let Keys Claims do what we hired them to do, the board voted unanimously to hold off beginning any repairs at this time. Mr. Tucker also stated that if the board were to move ahead without the insurance company’s approval (and lost the settlement) that the board could be held personally responsible for the financial loss.

Update on the Flood Proof of Loss (it was sent to insurance company over 30 days ago and we are still waiting for their answer). They now have 30 days left to respond. The Wind Proof of Loss has been modified and is being sent out to the insurance company.

The Treasurer reported that we are still waiting on approval of the bank loan. The new proposed budget was presented by Mike Oostmeyer. Because we will only expect to be operating for 6 months in the next fiscal year, Mike has moved an extra $112,000 into the reserves bringing that the total reserve contribution to $357,000 for 2018-2019. Mike feels at the beginning of the next fiscal year we should have $950,000.00 ear marked in the reserves for repairs. Gary Tucker made a motion to approve the proposed budget, it was approved and adopted.

Marty Shapiro had asked George Keys if it would be all right if we start on some repairs. The reply was that if we do any repairs to our building it would jeopardize the claim we have filed.

Open forum for questions from owners

The meeting adjourned 11:00 A.M.”

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