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Below is the cover email and the letter sent to the board by James Dobbs, Charles Lea, myself and 104 other owners representing 239 weeks. The letter, which appears after the text of the email,is four pages long, but only one page is visible at a time. to go to the next page, hover your cursor above the bottom of the page and up and down arrows will appear. click the down arrow to go to the next page, and the up arrow to see the previous page.

Dear Board Members:

First of all, thank you for all of your hard work related to the aftermath of the damage to the Hawks Nest by Hurricane Irma.

Attached is a “Document” that was put together by Bob Hogg, Charles Lea and Jim Dobbs. The “document” has been approved by 104 unit owners for which we had contact information, representing 237 unit weeks. Those names are listed on the document. The purpose of the “Document” is to give you our opinion as to the procedures required pursuant to the Hawks Nest Declaration of Condominium, XIV Insurance Provisions and to request information that needs to be provided to all unit owners as soon as possible and at least 30 days prior to any meeting to decide the future of the Hawks Nest.

In addition to the requests made in the “Document”, we believe that copies of any and all insurance policies, contracts, agreements, appraisals, engineering reports and litigation pleadings be placed on the Hawks Nest website.

Please also provide any estimate of costs to reconstruct a five-story building and the source of said estimate, assuming that we would be allowed to rebuild such. This is important as the owners weigh options. The Board has stated we would need a variance to be able to redevelop (rebuild) the building to its’ current five story height. What is the Board’s plan to obtain such a variance?

One more thing, ROGO (Rate of Growth Ordinance) is a Monroe County ordinance which limits growth (development and redevelopment) in the Keys. Are ROGO credits available to the Hawks Nest and if so, in what amounts if the property has to be redeveloped?

None of this is intended to be disrespectful of the Board. We would just like to know that we are all “on the same page” as we move forward at this very important time for the Hawks Nest. Communication and transparency are very important.

James B. Dobbs
Mobile: 614-361-2228

HN XIV Insurance Provisions final

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