I plan on going to the Hawks Nest the second week in Jan. 2019 to take care of some business listed below:

1. I will be meeting with the General Contractor that has agreed to submit bids specs, drawings, and anything else needed to get the permits for the different jobs. He will be working with Gary Rumberger, the contractors we hire, and myself. The meeting is to confirm his role and get his fees in writing. This will then be reviewed by the board for approval.

2. I have Gary R. setting up some meetings with contractors to review the final engineers report, provide a scope of work for structural concrete repairs, and get price quotes for board review.

3. I will be meeting with the engineer on other issues pertaining to the building repairs. I will be letting him know some of the boards concerns and get his input on those issues.

4. I will be visiting the bank (in complete contact with Mike Oostmeyer) and try to finalize the bank loan.

5. I’m going to try to hold a board meeting December 19th or 20th. The date will depend on availability of board members. The purpose of the meeting will be to discuss the contracts that we have gathered information and bids on and get some of those approved, so we will be ready to start work.

6. The attorneys for Westchester have agreed to mediation and we gave them until the end of December 2018 to make any final inspections needed. They have asked for one more inspection by an independent adjuster and other representatives they feel necessary. I’m going to insist this takes place before the board meeting (Dec.19th or 20th.) If the mediation doesn’t work out, I’m going to insist that they give us a written release on the building, so we can start working on items that don’t have any effect on the outcome of the lawsuit.

7. By the first of the year you will receive a letter from the board talking about our options to install all new kitchens. This is going to be our only chance to make this happen but I believe to do so we are going to have to have a special assessment. The details, cost and what we feel that special assessment will be, will be explained and all owners will vote on this. Even if this is agreed upon, this will not take place until we are assured that the work has begun on putting the building back together and we have the financing needed to get the Hawks Nest Owners back in the building.

8. If the mediation doesn’t go well, we have confirmed we are on the judges’ docket for a hearing. We will know the date soon.

There is much more I will be working on while I’m there and will update everyone on those items as they take place.

ONE LAST THING I CAN’T COME CLOSE TO EXPRESSING MY GRATITUDE, APPRECIATION OR FEELINGS TO EVERYONE FOR THE MANY, MANY E-MAILS, PHONE CALLS, LETTERS AND CARDS I HAVE RECEIVED OVER THE LOSS MY WIFE (DARLENE). She and I talked about the Hawks Nest and she knew that she wouldn’t get to visit again, but I made her a promise that I would do all in my powers to get The Hawks Nest back on its feet, so her daughters and grandchildren will be able to enjoy it and the memories we all shared there. I know we can do this but, the board, the owners, and myself will have to keep doing what we must to make this happen. Most all of you have supported me in the past and I need this support and trust now more than ever.

Forever grateful,
Gary Tucker


Fire Pump- The construction continues on the fire pump building. The pillars have been poured and the forms and rebar for the beams and building floor have been completed. That area will be poured with concrete on Monday 12/3. The fire pump/ generator itself arrived on 11/21 as promised. The size of it was definitely a surprise to me.(see pic above). The contractor has determined it will be easier to set the pump in place and build the walls and roof around it. This will take place after the proper cure time of the concrete beams and floor. The weight of the unit is 6,000 pounds and may only be lifted at certain areas which will not allow him to build the three walls and slide it in the end of the building as was the original plan.




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