Message from President Gary Tucker: Information with regard to damages to hawks nest from Hurricane Irma. The grounds are now 85% cleaned up the rest is handwork. The overall building and rooms are in good shape with very little damage. Currently I am looking at options for the pool and spa. It is very frustrating when you are ready to tackle projects and have the knowledge to get done what needs to be done but have no means of obtaining any equipment…There is no equipment available in the Keys, no tarps, wheel barrels, or plywood, etc. The local contractors are so busy they do not answer their phones. As far as our personnel, Tony our maintenance man is back and Kate has been helping part-time and myself and Gary Rumberger have been working long hours under adverse conditions to help get things cleaned up. Another owner, Joe Shipman, came by and helped shovel debris which was greatly appreciated. Now, I have time to be able to work on getting necessary estimates for all
the needed repairs. I, personally witnessed how our manager Gary taped up all the lower doors with gorilla tape and through his efforts we had no water damage in any of our common area with the exception of his apartment which I feel is amazing. Sincere thanks to Gary for all his help and efforts.

Attached are some photos of all the hard work and damages to Hawks Nest.








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