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Yesterday, President Gary Tucker posted the following on the Hawks Nest website. For those of you who do not have access to that site, I am reposting it here:

Gary Rumberger made it to the Hawks Nest today and he and I had been talking most of the day. It has been a long day and I know from pictures I’ve seen plus many of you have viewed also we were guessing as to what we were looking at. The debris around the building, in the pool and spa isn’t sand it is coral rock and lots of it. As most would expect the outside looks like a war zone but good news on the building. Thanks to having a hurricane procedure in place plus Gary R. using methods such as sand bags and going a step beyond by taping and sealing the down stairs doors to the maintenance room, laundry room, office etc. we had very little damage to these rooms. The laundry equipment is ok, maintenance room is ok, no water got to electric panels, no office damage. We only had one glass panel blow out of the doors going from game room to pool, no damage to the front doors. The water just went straight though the building it seems. All rooms with the exception of 301 has no water damage and all windows and doors seem to be in great shape. One of the glass sliding doors in 301 did blow in. Gary will be letting me know how much damage has been done to this unit. The parapet walls did not blow down over 507 and 506. The roof is in great shape and what some were seeing is rolled roofing and plywood that blew off roof areas over balconies. This is a minor fix compared to concrete walls. We only had one A/c unit moved but is still on the stand but twisted. All in all the building and rooms are in very good shape. The electric company was there today and when they saw all the exposed electric lines and broken pipes on the grounds they said there was no way they could turn main power on to the building but Gary R. showed them all the sub-panels that were turned off and if power was supplied to the building we still controlled any and all power to facilities so they agreed to work on getting power back to the building but not sure when. No water or sewer and don’t know when. I think the boats are a total loss but not sure until Gary can look at them better. Just about anything you can image outside on the grounds is damaged or gone such as grills, fishing pier some tiki huts still standing/ some damaged and some gone. Pool and spa is full of coral rock all the filters and pumps gone, don’t know anything about the Geo- Thermal system. No damage to sea wall but did loss concrete slab and davits where boats set. I will post more when I know more and try to get some pictures on the web. Even as bad as it is we should feel blessed for all the items that was spared. We have a lot of people to contact, insurance co., the city to see where we can go with debris when we find someone to clear it. We have a long tuff road ahead but we will get The Hawks Nest back to what it was. Gary Tucker

This is very good news. Of course we are going to have a lot of work to do on the exterior, but half the battle is already been won, thanks to Gary Rumberger and his staff.


Press Release From Monroe County Sheriff, Rick Ramsay:

Friends, good news !! Today the middle keys will be opened starting at 9 am. The final wave for the lower keys and Key West will be tomorrow at 8:30. I know that it has been a long time. Please be advised that there is little here for supplies. Bring tarps, tools, generators, water, food, clothing, medication, flashlights and other items that you would need to camp and repair damage. Please drive carefully as there is still debris all around, utility workers are everywhere and public safety vehicles are everywhere. Please get to where you’re going and try to stay off of the roads as fuel is limited and we need the roads for recovery units. Water is limited so please do not start washing cars and other stuff or water may not be available for others. If you use tap water, remember to boil it before you drink it. Please be careful out there, thank you. Sheriff


Our manager, Gary Rumberger, has posted on the Hawks Nest site that he will be able to get down to the Hawks Nest sometime this weekend. His first order of business will be to make an inspection of the property so that we can prioritize the repairs needed, and get things rolling. He will be updating us as best he can, given the limited communications currently available in the Keys.


These aren’t the clearest photos of the Hawks Nest I’ve ever seen, but I think we can tell quite a bit from them with regard to outside damage. It would appear that at least three of the small tikis have been destroyed, one inside the fence, and two outside. It also appears that both docks are gone. The fishing dock for sure, and I’m pretty certain that the boat dock is gone as well. Some of the roofs over the balconies are missing, the hot tub looks like it’s full of sand, one of the boats is lying in the parking lot, and the other one is out of the frame down by the Knights Key Inn. Additionally, parts of the fence on top of the seawall may have been washed away.

There is some good news, Three or four smaller tikis look like they survived, along with the big tiki and the one where people go to smoke. Also, it looks like quite a few palm trees survived. The main roof doesn’t look to be badly damaged, if at all, there are still air conditioning units on the roof, and the seawall hasn’t collapsed.

As far as our people getting back in to survey the damage inside, the last I heard was a press conference today and the best estimate was 3 days to a week before they would let residents and business owners back in, due to downed power lines and lack of water and sewer services.


Here is a new video of the 7 mile bridge and the Hawks Nest. The building comes into view at about 17 seconds, and if you pause it quickly, you can see things very well.. Not too much damage visible on the exterior, the little roofs over the balconies seem to have suffered some damage, and of course, we can’t see the other side, but still encouraging. Even the tiki huts seem to have survived. We won’t know anything about the interior until our staff returns. For a brand-new satellite image of the entire area, click Here. You can zoom in to see detail.


For those of you on Facebook, so far the best source of information I’ve found for news about the Middle Keys is the Sunset Grille Facebook page. I believe this link will take you there even if you are not on Facebook, but if you are, just click the “Follow” button and you will get notified of new posts on their page. Here is one of the most recent and informative articles, written by John Bartus, former Mayor of Marathon and a current member of the city council.