These aren’t the clearest photos of the Hawks Nest I’ve ever seen, but I think we can tell quite a bit from them with regard to outside damage. It would appear that at least three of the small tikis have been destroyed, one inside the fence, and two outside. It also appears that both docks are gone. The fishing dock for sure, and I’m pretty certain that the boat dock is gone as well. Some of the roofs over the balconies are missing, the hot tub looks like it’s full of sand, one of the boats is lying in the parking lot, and the other one is out of the frame down by the Knights Key Inn. Additionally, parts of the fence on top of the seawall may have been washed away.

There is some good news, Three or four smaller tikis look like they survived, along with the big tiki and the one where people go to smoke. Also, it looks like quite a few palm trees survived. The main roof doesn’t look to be badly damaged, if at all, there are still air conditioning units on the roof, and the seawall hasn’t collapsed.

As far as our people getting back in to survey the damage inside, the last I heard was a press conference today and the best estimate was 3 days to a week before they would let residents and business owners back in, due to downed power lines and lack of water and sewer services.


  1. ayellowrose


    Words can’t express how grateful we are, that you kept us informed the best you could, throughout this horrifying time. We pray for everyone, everywhere who was, or is, impacted by Harvey. The Hawk’s Nest has been our family’s ‘Home away from Home’, every October of every year, for over thirty years. Bless your heart!

    Barbara and Don Hess

    1. Bob Hogg Post author

      Thanks for your kind words. You are right about everyone who was impacted. We need to think about all the people who live and work in the Keys, and especially those who work for us! They will be coming back starting today, possibly to no home, no belongings except that which they took with them, and their whole lives turned upside down. We have to do right by them.

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