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Remember a little while ago I promised to update you about a new sale at the Hawks Nest? Well, here we go. Four weeks in a two bedroom in March, which were owned by the estate of a deceased owner, sold on bids for $77,000. That’s over $19,000 per week!

Now, before we go updating our net worth statements, we should realize that this is more than $5,000 per week higher than the previous high price ever paid at the Hawks Nest, at least that I’m aware of. I think that this was somebody that just really, really, really wanted those weeks.

At the same time as I teased you about this sale, I also told you about the sale of all that vacant land on the West side of Kyle Way to the man who owns the Sunset Grill. I still have no information as to what he plans for the property. If anybody knows, please write me at