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New Hawks Nest Website is Up and Running!

As of today (2/20/17), the URL, leads to the new and improved, more secure Hawks Nest website. You may have received the following email from the office if they have your current email address:

Good Afternoon,


We had to replace the previous website because the old software was no longer supported, it was outdated and it was difficult to manage. The new website will have the same address as the old one,

i.e.:http://www.hawksnest-marathon. com/

The new website has many new features and photographs. We urge you to first go to the website and look at all the information which can be seen by a non-owner. In other words, don’t log in as an owner to start with. Rather see what anyone visiting our site would see first.

Enhancements that you will find on the new site include:
* New beautiful photography of the Hawks Nest
* An improved time-share calendar
* 2017 and 2018 rental calendars
* A revised list of on-site and off-site amenities with photos of the actual amenities
* Updated information for guests
* A new forum (blog) format

* A new owner-to-owner rental-listing page. This page allows you to list your unit for rent to another owner without paying the 25% service fee to Hawks Nest. NOTE: you will only be allowed to place your listing on either the public or owner-to-owner listing pages, not both at the same time.
* Under the owners section we have new online forms for owners to request listing their units on the rental and for sale listing pages
* Updated information for owners including;
* Articles of incorporation
* Declaration of condominium
* By-laws
* New rules and regulations
* The new reserve study and the reserve study from 2009

You should have received an email from the site administrator regarding the log in procedure. Your user name will remain the same, but for security purposes, our site administrator has automatically changed your password. (Note: You can reset your password, go to My Account area after logging in.)

If you did not receive an email or are using a username/email address from our previous website and it is not recognized, please request a new owner account using the button which says “request an owner account”.

Once you are logged in look at all the information visible only to owners using the “owner only” menu items in the left hand column of each page except the home page.

We hope you will enjoy your new website and we look forward to your feedback.

Best Regards,
Kate Chaffin
Office Manager

There certainly going to be glitches and bugs at the beginning, but as these are rectified, I think we all will find that it is a major improvement over the old one.

Board of Directors Telephone Meeting 2/15/17

Meeting was Called to order at 2:07 PM

All members were present at the time except Rosemary Smith who later arrived after being caught in traffic. Others present telephonically were Marty Shapiro, Bob Hogg, Mike & Kathy Oostmeyer, Gary Tucker, Bob ?, and Edna Boone Temaner.

There were several owners present in person, but I was unable to make out names at that time since they were not close to the telephone.

Secretary’s and Treasurer’s reports were postponed until Rosemary calls in.

Building & Grounds Committee: Alden Corely, Richard Holmes & Charlie Weidner. The new fire pump was discussed. The old one is very unreliable and must be replaced. This pump has to take water from the pool to feed the sprinklers.

Now that there is a larger water main in front of the building, we can now hook to that with the new pump when we get it. The system we’re looking at is an electric pump with a diesel generator backup. This backup is now required by code. We are waiting for a final proposal for a bid package. Richard suggested that we may consider having a pump that is powered directly by the diesel, thereby eliminating the need for the generator and electric motor. Charlie said he will look into that.

Pool & Spa: we are waiting to do any of that work until we have the new fire pump. Otherwise, when we have to drain the pool to do the work, we have to hire firemen at the cost of $40 per hour 24-7 until the water is back in the pool. There are several loose tiles around the pool that need to be fixed as they are a tripping hazard. They can and will be fixed without having to drain the pool.

There had been trouble with some of the doors to the trash chutes not closing fully. Lew says that this was caused by a build-up of trash in the mechanism, and that they have all been cleaned so they work properly. Periodic inspections are necessary.

Elevator repair: we are looking into new wall panels and new flooring, both of which items we can do with our maintenance people.

Seawall: we have had conflicting opinions from several contractors regarding the state of the seawall. These opinions ranged from no repair needed to total urgent replacement. Charlie suggested that we get a comprehensive inspection of the seawall, so that we can come up with a scope of work for the bidding for repairs if needed. Cost of this inspection will be $8,250.

At this point, Rosemary Smith made a motion to table this item until the next meeting, seconded by Lew Werth. Rosemary pointed out, correctly, that a motion to table is not debatable. She also asserted, incorrectly, that the board couldn’t even vote on the motion, and Lew agreed. Jim Dobbs and Charles Lea strenuously disagreed. Neither the President nor the Secretary had a copy of Roberts Rules of order to back up their positions. Decision was delayed until someone could consult Roberts Rules.

Spalling: There was a discussion regarding persons who were providing us with information about our necessary spalling repairs. When Lew and Charlie get their information together, they will provide it all to the rest of the board.

Resumption of consideration of the motion to table: Charles Lea read the operative section of Roberts Rules which confirm that the board does indeed vote on the motion. A vote was taken on the motion to table, All board members, including Rosemary, who made the motion, and Lew who seconded it, voted no. Another motion was made to approve having the inspection done at a cost of $8,250. Lew voted no, all others voted yes.

Screen Room Floor: The floor in the screen room is quite slippery when wet, and we have had several people slip and fall as a result. Lew and Charlie tried a new product a few weeks ago on a small portion of the floor and they were very impressed. Once again, this is something that our maintenance people can do. Jim Dobbs and Richard Holmes will oversee the application in March when they are down at the Hawks Nest.

Owners’ Website: Jim Dobbs and Charles Lea have been the prime movers in development of the new website. Charles explained that the old website was built on a platform that our IT people had never updated, and that is no longer supported. There are no more security patches, so it has been easy to hack. At one point there were over 2,500 unauthorized users on the website. Fortunately, there was no connection to any financial information, so that wasn’t really too much of a problem. Also, user data, logins & passwords are all encrypted, so nobody could get them either.

The company that has built the new website, Clear Tech will also take over hosting of the website at a savings of $70 per month over the prior host, Monifi, of Marathon. Monifi will continue to perform IT duties for the office computers, backup, etc.

According to Jim Dobbs, the goal is for the new website to go live on Monday, February 20. Clear Tech is now migrating the owners data from the old website to the new one. But since the passwords are encrypted, all users will have to log in with a temporary password and then create a new one. At the same time the new website goes live, emails will go out to all users with instructions on how to do this.

A motion was made to approve the Clear Tech contract, unanimously approved.

Some time ago, Bob Hogg had raised a question regarding our election procedures. We had been told that the present cumbersome and error prone procedure of sending multiple ballots, envelopes, etc to owners with multiple weeks was required by Florida law. I pointed out to several members of the board that it is not true. The state says our elections must be carried out according to the requirements of our by-laws. Rosemary checked, and found that the current procedure is indeed contained in our by-laws. So barring a revision, we’re stuck with them.

Foreclosures: There have been several foreclosures and other weeks that the Hawks Nest has acquired recently, and we will be sending out letters to all owners soliciting bids on these weeks. This will probably go out with one of the mailings regarding the annual meeting which takes place in May.

Pending Lawsuit: A board member asked about the status of a pending lawsuit. Jim Dobbs said that our attorney had moved for a summary judgement, but we had not yet heard the result.

Bathroom Remodeling: We ran out of time last year to do any of the remodeling during September maintenance month. This year, we are planning to do the bathrooms on the 2nd and 4th floors, and do 3rd & 5th next year. A motion was made to give Jim, Rosemary and Richard authority to finalize the contract. Approved unanimously.

President’s Report: Lew has been following several maintenance problems that have occurred or are continuing. They include the stairwell fans, dumpster room fan, bath exhaust fans and the laundry room air conditioning.

Secretary’s Report: Rosemary indicated that she has not had the time to prepare the minutes for the last several meetings due to health problems of both her and her husband.

Treasurer’s Report: According to Rosemary, we are way over budget (her words) and that payroll alone is $20,000 over. She says that they don’t know why payroll is so high, but they are looking into it.

Board Member Comments: Charles Lea – Today is Bob Hogg’s birthday.

Guest Comments: Gary Tucker had concerns regarding the spalling proposals.

Joe Shipman had several financial questions for Rosemary that she was going to get back to him about as she did not have the information in front of her. Joe also thinks the housekeeping duties as posted in the rooms are not being completely performed, and that changes could be made to improve the list.

Kathy Oostmeyer voiced her support for Gary Rumberger to replace Petri as General Manager.

Meeting Adjourned to executive session for discussion of filling vacant General Manager position.


On Wednesday 2/15, the Hawks Nest Board of Directors held a teleconference meeting. I attended the meeting via telephone, and I have posted a summary of the meeting on Bob’s Blog, which you can read by clicking the tab at the top of this page. I think I have covered all the main points of the meeting, but these are not the official minutes. Those will be provided by the Board Secretary, Rosemary Smith at a later date.