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In addition to our 10 weeks at the Hawks Nest, my wife and I have a two bedroom unit at the Reef, which is down by the airport. The Reef has Gulf of Mexico frontage, a marina which you can use based on availability, a pool with a clubhouse, and tennis courts. In addition, the units each have their own laundry facilities (no charge) and utilities are included in the rent. We have Week 8 (Feb 22-29) available for 2020.

I thought I would offer this to my friends at the Hawks Nest first, so if you would like to get down to the keys this spring, it can be yours for $1,200 for the week. Email me at, or call me at 906-225-5262.

Bob Hogg


I have been informed of the passing of long-time owner, Evangeline “Van” Adams, Mother of owner and former member of the Board of Directors, Kathy Adams Clausen, owner Dianne Adams McKenna and former owner Joanne Adams Stroud. Van’s 91st birthday was just a couple of weeks ago.

Condolences may be sent to:
N.H. Scott Funeral Home
1240 Waukegan Rd.
Glenview, IL 60025.

Van was a good friend of mine and Sue’s, and also of my parents, Ken and Flash Hogg. We have known Van for about 40 years. She will be missed.

Click Here for a link to Van’s obituary.

In Case You Haven’t Heard…

For those of you who haven’t heard the latest, the board has decided to NOT bill us for maintenance this year. They’re hoping that we will get a settlement from the insurance companies this fall (I’m not holding my breath), which will allow us to start to actually make some progress on the repairs. I don’t think there’s any doubt that a special assessment will be required to finish things, but if we can actually see some work being done, we may feel a little better about throwing more money at the Hawks Nest.

Time will tell…


Like all owners, I have an opinion on our current situation at the Hawks Nest and have frequently used this forum to ask questions and express that opinion. In my view, the Board leadership we have had for the last (roughly) 20 months has been poor. Mike Oostmeyer has been an exception to that. From lack of meetings, lack of information, virtually nothing getting accomplished in that period I feel that new leadership is needed and I hope that others run for the seats. We need some new blood. With Mike on the Board we will have adequate information to provide for continuity. Gary said when he was recommending Lew that he (Gary) would help regardless. Give Gary some sort of small monthly retainer for the four to six month period to complete the construction job. He is not qualified to be our general contractor. Had we engaged a general contractor from day one we would be far ahead of where we are now. The Board was correct to rescind the contracts previously awarded to Tucker Construction. They never should have been approved in the first place. Accomplishments during the last 20 months – lighting in the parking lot and a fire pump which was already in selection and vendor discussions before this Board took office almost two years ago. No question it has been a trying and very difficult period for the Hawks Nest and this volunteer Board. Our biggest challenges now are leadership and finances and I believe Mike O can better lead the Board in those endeavors. Again, hopefully others will run for the Board. I will not but I will be happy to assist the new Board in any way they might request. We need new leadership.

– Charles Lea

Elizabeth “Betty” Oland

Sad News: I received word the other day that Elizabeth “Betty” Oland, one of the Hawks Nest’s original owners, mother of former owner Jennifer Paterson, and grandmother of current 3rd generation owner Amy McKay, has died.

Betty and her husband Don, were close friends with my parents, and I’m sure they are remembered fondly by many long-time owners.

The last time we saw Betty was in 2002 when we brought my mother down to the Hawks Nest one last time for her 85th birthday.

Betty’s obituary can be found Here

For those who wish, condolences may be sent to the family in care of Betty’s daughter Jennifer at the following address:

Jennifer Paterson
54 Prince St
P.P. Box 181
Chester, Nova Scotia B0J 1J0



WIND CLAIM- Board president Gary Tucker will be coming to the Hawks Nest on January 6, 2019 to meet with the contractors and about the main spalling issues. He also has meetings scheduled with the engineer and the electrician. The lawyers are trying to schedule the mediation during the time that Gary will be at the Hawks Nest. They have already scheduled it twice and both times it was canceled because one of the attorneys couldn’t make it. I have had no contact with them over the holidays and expect to have an update on the new mediation date soon.

FIRE PUMP- The work on the fire pump will continue beginning tomorrow January 3, 2019 after a break by the contractors for the holidays. The waterline was completed up to the building where it will be installed. They are also installing the electric conduit for the parking lights in the same ditch while it is open.

I hope everyone had a safe and happy holiday. I am sure I will have much more information for the next update now that holidays have ended.

Best regards,

Gary Rumberger



As posted earlier, I did make it down to the Hawks Nest Jan.6th 2019. Gary and I spent the week meeting with contractors and talking to our engineer about a couple of ideas the contractors have suggested about the type of repairs they felt would work for us. Gary Rumberger and I met with two contractors about the pool and spa and we asked that they do some pressure testing of the PVC lines that are the drain and filtering systems. We felt this would be a help for them to evaluate the true repair cost. We also met with 3 contractors who looked at the structural needs and also met with one contractor regarding the spalling issues. I also traveled to Naples and met with two contractors that are in the railing, fence, and screen room business. I’m hoping to get bids from them in the near future. I’ll be sending them the pictures and quantities of what we need. We are awaiting the estimates from them so I can go to the board with the estimates for approval. If they are approved, we will start work on the building the last week of February. We still have limited monies to work with until the bank loan comes though or we settle with the insurance company. I am going to the Insurance mediation on February 15th, 2019. All in all I feel it was a very productive week.
Gary Tucker

Wind claim- The mediation date has finally been set and is scheduled for February 15th. Just a reminder that this is non-binding and the offer can be refused if the board feels it is not a fair offer. There is already a court date scheduled for March 24th if this is the way it turns out. We are certainly hoping it can be resolved at the mediation and not have to go that route.

Flood claim- The flood attorney has requested that the insurance company come back for another inspection. We told them we are beginning the work and that their time is up. He stated that it is alright to begin the work and asked if we could start on the upper floors first. The plan was to begin on the top and work our way down, so that will not be an issue.

Bank loan- The bank required that we resend all the information that we already submitted last year (outdated). That has been completed and it has gone back up the chain to the executive loan committee. Treasurer Mike Oostmeyer said he expects an answer in the next few days.

Fire pump- The installation continues with the new fire pump. The lines have been completed from the new building back to main building. Both lines were inspected by the fire marshal today and passed. They are also installing the new lines under the building that will connect to the existing fire system. The building that houses the pump is under roof and awaiting inspection to put the metal roof and louvers on. The building will then have the stucco installed and the building painted.
The electrician has removed all the pole bases and snapped off poles to get ready to install the new parking light fixtures. He is also running his conduit in the ditches while they are open for the fire pump.

Possible Special Assessment for Kitchen Remodeling

In Gary Tucker’s recent hurricane update, he tells us that we will soon be getting a letter from the board regarding remodeling the kitchens and that he feels this is our only opportunity to do this. He adds that it’s likely that there would be a special assessment required to pay for the work.

I don’t think any of us would dispute that the kitchens need remodeling, and that this would be an opportune time to do it. And while we all appreciate forward thinking, I’m not convinced that it’s a good idea to be talking (and voting) on this before we know how we stand with the cost of the hurricane repairs, and whether or not a special assessment will be necessary to partially pay for the repairs or to obtain our financing, or both.

We do appreciate the effort and hard work put forth by Gary Rumberger, Gary Tucker and Mike Oostmeyer throughout all of this, but as owners of 10 weeks, multiple special assessments might just be more than we’re willing to pay.

While it may make sense to do the kitchen work while everything is torn up with the repairs, I’m not sure that this is our only opportunity. I think we might just be getting out in front of our skis a little bit, planning this project before we know how much the hurricane restoration is going to cost us.

We urge the board, management, and other owners to think very hard before we bite off more than we can chew.



I plan on going to the Hawks Nest the second week in Jan. 2019 to take care of some business listed below:

1. I will be meeting with the General Contractor that has agreed to submit bids specs, drawings, and anything else needed to get the permits for the different jobs. He will be working with Gary Rumberger, the contractors we hire, and myself. The meeting is to confirm his role and get his fees in writing. This will then be reviewed by the board for approval.

2. I have Gary R. setting up some meetings with contractors to review the final engineers report, provide a scope of work for structural concrete repairs, and get price quotes for board review.

3. I will be meeting with the engineer on other issues pertaining to the building repairs. I will be letting him know some of the boards concerns and get his input on those issues.

4. I will be visiting the bank (in complete contact with Mike Oostmeyer) and try to finalize the bank loan.

5. I’m going to try to hold a board meeting December 19th or 20th. The date will depend on availability of board members. The purpose of the meeting will be to discuss the contracts that we have gathered information and bids on and get some of those approved, so we will be ready to start work.

6. The attorneys for Westchester have agreed to mediation and we gave them until the end of December 2018 to make any final inspections needed. They have asked for one more inspection by an independent adjuster and other representatives they feel necessary. I’m going to insist this takes place before the board meeting (Dec.19th or 20th.) If the mediation doesn’t work out, I’m going to insist that they give us a written release on the building, so we can start working on items that don’t have any effect on the outcome of the lawsuit.

7. By the first of the year you will receive a letter from the board talking about our options to install all new kitchens. This is going to be our only chance to make this happen but I believe to do so we are going to have to have a special assessment. The details, cost and what we feel that special assessment will be, will be explained and all owners will vote on this. Even if this is agreed upon, this will not take place until we are assured that the work has begun on putting the building back together and we have the financing needed to get the Hawks Nest Owners back in the building.

8. If the mediation doesn’t go well, we have confirmed we are on the judges’ docket for a hearing. We will know the date soon.

There is much more I will be working on while I’m there and will update everyone on those items as they take place.

ONE LAST THING I CAN’T COME CLOSE TO EXPRESSING MY GRATITUDE, APPRECIATION OR FEELINGS TO EVERYONE FOR THE MANY, MANY E-MAILS, PHONE CALLS, LETTERS AND CARDS I HAVE RECEIVED OVER THE LOSS MY WIFE (DARLENE). She and I talked about the Hawks Nest and she knew that she wouldn’t get to visit again, but I made her a promise that I would do all in my powers to get The Hawks Nest back on its feet, so her daughters and grandchildren will be able to enjoy it and the memories we all shared there. I know we can do this but, the board, the owners, and myself will have to keep doing what we must to make this happen. Most all of you have supported me in the past and I need this support and trust now more than ever.

Forever grateful,
Gary Tucker


Fire Pump- The construction continues on the fire pump building. The pillars have been poured and the forms and rebar for the beams and building floor have been completed. That area will be poured with concrete on Monday 12/3. The fire pump/ generator itself arrived on 11/21 as promised. The size of it was definitely a surprise to me.(see pic above). The contractor has determined it will be easier to set the pump in place and build the walls and roof around it. This will take place after the proper cure time of the concrete beams and floor. The weight of the unit is 6,000 pounds and may only be lifted at certain areas which will not allow him to build the three walls and slide it in the end of the building as was the original plan.





Gary Rumberger entered these posts on the Hawks Nest website:

Sad News:

Darlene Tucker, long time owner and the wife of Gary Tucker, your current President, lost her 3 year long battle with cancer yesterday afternoon (Friday, Nov. 16th at 3 pm). She was being cared for by her family and friends at home when she passed. Those that knew her knew how much she enjoyed all the friends that she made at The Hawks Nest. She cherished the time she spent with her daughters and grandchildren when they would show up at the Hawks Nest for a visit. Even though it took time away from their vacation when they were down at the Hawks Nest, she pushed Gary to do what he committed to do in taking care of Hawks Nest business without a complaint. She will be truly missed.

Fire Pump-The new waterline has been installed from down the street to the Hawks Nest property. The line needed to be sanitized and pressure tested by the aqueduct authority which has been going on all last week. The contractor has been given the ok by the water authority to continue with the line starting tomorrow November 19th. They have also installed a new fire hydrant on the Hawks Nest property which was included in the contract for the fire pump.
The construction of the building that will house the fire pump has begun and they are ready to pour the pillars after the inspection from the city of Marathon. The next step after that is to pour the beams and deck that will be the floor of the building. I will update you as the progress continues. I have included some pictures of the construction.


WIND CLAIM – The board of directors has chosen to go to mediation and see what Westchester Insurance offers. This would be the quickest option that is available as laid out by the attorneys. This mediation would be non-binding and if the board doesn’t like the offer, they will be able to reject it. If they reject the offer, then the board has decided to force the default judgement the judge has already awarded us, and Westchester is trying to have overturned. The attorney estimates that this option would take 3-6 months. The board would then use the money from the reserves and the loan that Mike Oostmeyer is working on to pay for the construction until the case works its way through the courts.