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Dorothy “Toots” Kolnik

I received word today that Dorothy “Toots” Kolnik passed away on Wednesday, May 13th. Her family would like for people from the Hawk’s Nest to know.

Dorothy and her husband, Ray were original owners at the Hawks Nest, and their children and some of their grandchildren are continuing the tradition. Ray and Toots were good friends of my parents, and also of ours. It has been owners such as Toots and Ray that have made the Hawks Nest the wonderful home-away-from-home that it is.

The services are as follows:

Visitation at Toynton Funeral Home in Walworth Wisconsin, Monday, May 18 from 4 to 8.

Funeral at Immanuel United Church of Christ on Fremont Street, Walworth, Tuesday, May 19 at 11.

Election News, Staff Changes

A day or so ago, President Gary Tucker announced that there will be no election this year. The reason for this is that there are just four people running for four seats, hence no contest. I guess I’m not too surprised. For the most part, everything is going very well, the building and grounds look great, and most people are happy.

Three of those running are incumbents: long-time Secretary, Rosemary Smith, Vice President Lew Werth, and Charles Lea, recently appointed to serve the balance of Laura Nettleton-West’s term after her resignation. Charles is probably not well known to many of the owners, but he is known to me, and I wrote about him in my February 8th blog.

The final candidate is Jim Dobbs, whom I have known for many years, as his time at the Hawks Nest overlaps with mine. You may remember Jim from his run for the board last year. He is an attorney and has extensive board leadership experience in his church, his condominium and several non-profits.

As you know, the other three members of the board are President Gary Tucker, Treasurer, Charlie Weidner, and long-time director, Alden Corley.

I feel that the two newcomers will work well with the rest of the board, and will help provide continued good performance and leadership.

On the staff front, the revolving door is still spinning. According to President Tucker’s announcement, several members of the staff have left our employ. Since I am down here, I know that it was two housekeepers, one maintenance man and the Facilities Manager, Carmen. In his announcement, Gary did not give any details about these departures, and I have no direct knowledge regarding the reasons for them either. Gary suggested that any questions be directed to him or Kathy Clausen.

OK, I’m Here!

I blogged a couple of weeks ago letting you know some of the improvements made at the Hawks Nest during the last year as I knew it. Well, I’m here now, and it was all true and more.

Firstly, the place looks better than I’ve ever seen it. I’ve said this before, and it’s true again. This is a good trend to have. In addition to our board of directors and officers, credit should go to the manager, Mary Dailey and all the staff, who have been working very hard to put the property into its current condition. Much of the interior appears to be recently painted, and the grounds are better than ever. The tile floor in the game room is still unfortunately in poor condition, but Mary tells me it will be replaced/repaired very soon.

Sofa Open

Sofa Open

Sleeper Sofa

Sleeper Sofa

I told you that I would post some pictures of some of the improvements once I got down here, and here they are. If you click on the individual pictures, you will get a better view. First are a couple of pictures of the new sleeper sofa in 306. I think it goes very well with the tropical décor. Although it looks like it might get dirty easily, I can tell you from my klutzy personal experience that it appears to be protected with Scotch Guard or some similar product. Additionally, the mattress is much thicker than the previous ones, and is relatively comfortable. (It is a sofa bed, after all)

Hot Tub Area

Hot Tub Area

Next is a view of the area around the hot tub. They have replaced the crushed coral rocks in that area and the planting areas along the building on the pool side with much nicer looking rock, which is larger than the original and is easier on the feet as well as being too large to clog the hot tub pump. Two new concrete benches and some potted plants have been installed as well.



Here is a view of the new fence at the West end of the parking lot that was installed in an attempt to discourage non-members from coming in and using the facilities, which was apparently a problem some times of the year. Time will tell if this works.



Finally, several new bicycles have been purchased. They were badly needed as the salt air plays havoc with steel items such as bikes. There are three or four new adult bikes, and two children’s ones.

Well, that’s all for now. I’ll be here for several more weeks, so I’m sure there will be other items of interest to post, including candidate profiles for the upcoming election.

Until then…


I know that I have been remiss on my blogging duties of late. Not that it’s an excuse, but I do work for a living too.

Sue & I will be down at the Hawks Nest in a couple of weeks, Week 8 to be precise. I’m sure I’ll have plenty to say after we get there and see all the changes since last year, but I thought I’d bring you all up to date on some of them to the extent that I know.

On the Board of Directors front, director Laura Nettleton-West resigned from the board last summer and the board has appointed owner Charles Lea to fill out the remainder of her term which ends in April. I know Charles, and he has been interested in the workings and the business of the Hawks Nest for some time. Charles is an accomplished man, and I believe he will be a valuable member of the board.

As you probably know, Kristin left the Manager’s job in the fall. Kristin was very well liked by owners and did a good job during our nearly year long construction project. I know I speak for many wishing Kristin well in her new endeavors.

Carmen Vega, the head housekeeper, worked long hours in the office under the supervision of the board after Kristin left and before our new manager was hired. This was in addition to her normal duties. I think she still helps out in the office when necessary.

The new manager is Mary Bailey. You may remember Mary, she was the front office manager when Katie was the general manager, and comes back to us with more training and education as a general manager. Jay Gonzalez also left his front office job last spring, but is helping out when needed.

I see that the Hawks Nest is advertising for front desk help, housekeeping and maintenance in the Keynoter. So I guess the Keys revolving door is still operational. Additionally, I hear that Steve, one of the maintenance men, was injured in a power saw accident at work recently. The last I heard, he would be off work for at least two weeks. Let’s hope for a full recovery.

Now to the improvements: First, I have never spoken with anyone who liked the sofa beds in the units. They didn’t seem to go with anything else in the apartments, and I can personally attest to the fact that they were like sleeping on a box of rocks. I am told that the new sofas are all installed and are a great improvement. I’m told that they have 8 inch thick mattresses, and that they fit into the décor better. I’m color blind, so I can’t verify that. I’m planning on posting pictures after we get down there, so you all can decide for yourselves.

Second, a fence has been erected at the West end of the parking lot near to the location of the former sewage plant to deter non members from coming in and using the facilities. I never thought this was that extreme a problem, but some people did, and now hopefully the problem will be minimized. It certainly won’t make it worse.

That’s it for now, but I’m sure there’ll be more to tell when I get there in person.