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More Neighborhood Sales

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The real estate market on Knights Key has been quite active of late. As I reported earlier, the owner of the Sunset Grille bought two lots South of the restaurant from Jim Chaplin, the original developer of Chappy’s. Since then, he has bought one more lot from Kyle Keys, LLC which now gives him a total of 230 feet of vacant ocean frontage at a cost of $1,185,000. I wonder what he has in mind???

Now, it appears that the Knights Key Inn has been sold as well. No information as to the buyer yet.

Finally, I teased you a little bit about a high priced sale coming up at the Hawks Nest. I don’t have anything further to report right now, but I’m hoping that the details will be available soon.


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There’s been a big sale in the neighborhood. Jim and Bettye Chaplin, who owned most of the West side of Knight’s Key, and developed Chappy’s Restaurant, now the Sunset Grille, have sold 2 vacant lots along Kyle Way West To John S. Kotch, the owner of Sunset Grille. The sales price appears to be $800,000.

Don’t we all wonder just what plans Mr. Kotch has for this property. Maybe just to expand the parking, but that’s a lot of money to pay for a parking lot.

Whatever it is, unless it’s a for a personal residence, they will probably have to move the gate further down closer to the Hawks Nest. So will we now be in a gated community?

Speaking of sales, I think I’ll have a high priced sale to report at the Hawks Nest in the near future. Stay tuned.

Minutes of Annual Board and Owners’ Meetings

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On the weekend of May 17th and 18th, several meetings were held at the Hawks Nest. There was a board meeting on Saturday, the annual Owners’ Meeting and Election held on Sunday, and the board’s organizational meeting held after the results of the election were announced. Here are links to the minutes of those meetings:




Jim Barringer – Update

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President Gary Tucker notified me today that Jim Barringer has passed away. Jim and his wife, Angie have been owners at the Hawks Nest for nearly 30 years, and Jim served several terms on our Board as a director and as an officer.

Click Here for a link to Jim’s Obituary.


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The annual meeting was held this afternoon. I have just received word of the results of the board election. While this is not an official tally, I got these numbers from someone who was at the meeting and took notes. Here are the unofficial results:

Gary Tucker – 613 votes – ELECTED
Charles Weidner – 439 votes – ELECTED
Alden Corley – 357 votes – ELECTED
James Dobbs – 264 votes
Martin Shapiro – 203 votes
Mary Smith – 67 votes

We should all be very pleased with the outcome of this vote. The new board looks to be very strong, and I trust they will work together as a team to continue the progress that has been accomplished over the last year.

The winners deserve our congratulations, and those who weren’t elected deserve our thanks for having enough interest in the Hawks Nest to run for the board.

Unfortunately, I wasn’t at the meeting today, so I’m not in a position to give you shadow minutes, but in the next few days, I hope to talk to several people who were there and from those conversations, be able to recount at least some of the things that went on.

John Beers Sr.

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I’m sorry to report that I received the news that long-time Hawks Nest Owner, John Beers Sr. passed away on May 6 after a short illness.

John & Dorothy only owned one week, Week 13, but had many friends at the Hawks Nest, including my parents and Sue & me. The Beers’ had not been down in quite a few years, but their son, John Jr. has been coming in recent years.

This year, John & Dorothy had planned to come back for the first time in several years. All of us Week 13 people were excited to see them after all this time. We knew that John would be having his 85th birthday soon, so we planned on having a party for him during our annual Friday night get together.

Unfortunately, shortly before they were to come down, they received the news of John’s illness which prevented their trip. Disappointed as we were, we circulated a birthday card for John, signed by everyone, and sent it up to Michigan.

We’re all sorry to hear of his passing, but John Jr. tells me that his dad’s spirits were good right up to the end. Click here for a link to John’s obituary. He will be missed.

If anyone would like Dorothy’s address to send a card or note, write me at


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The ballots for the upcoming board election have been mailed and you should be receiving yours shortly. the procedures for voting have changed this year. I have posted information regarding these changes and my thoughts regarding the candidates in Bob’s Blog. Please take the time to read at least the portion regarding ballot changes before you vote.

Bob Hogg


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Your ballots for the 2014 Board of Directors election have been mailed, and you should be receiving yours any day. When your packet arrives, you will notice some differences. The most obvious and important among them is that you will receive a separate ballot and ballot envelope for each week that you own. This is a requirement of Florida law, and while it makes the counting of the votes less complicated, it is much more work for the Secretary and staff to assemble the packets for the owners.

There will be detailed instructions in the packet. Be sure to read and follow them carefully. It is vital that the Proxy goes in the “Proxy” envelope, and that only one ballot is inserted and sealed into each “Ballot” envelope. Please take the time to do this correctly. Make your vote count.

Since this time last year, we have undergone a monumental construction project, including spalling repair, new hurricane resistant windows, sealing the building against water intrusion, parking lot resurfacing and lighting, replacement of the 501 balcony, removal of the sewage treatment plant and connection to the city sewer, and more. I’m told that this project came in under budget and pretty much on time. Furthermore, there are no special assessments on the horizon, and the proposed budget contains no increase for the coming year.

Now to the election: As you may know, there are six candidates for three positions on the board. Two incumbents, President Gary Tucker and Director Alden Corley, and four challengers, Jim Dobbs, former president Marty Shapiro, Mary Smith and Charles Weidner. Their candidate profiles have been posted in the Owners Forum on this website, and will also be included in your packet.

I am personally acquainted with four of the six, and have had communications, either telephone or email, with the other two. I do not believe that any of the candidates are unqualified to sit on our board, but at the same time, I feel that three stand out above the others. The candidates that I support and will be voting for are:

GARY TUCKER: Gary has done an excellent job as President during the last year. He is a very hands-on leader, and acted as project manager during the construction. The contractors around Marathon found out that there was no more “business as usual” with the Hawks Nest. They were held to their timetables and paid only as work progressed. As I remarked in an earlier blog, Gary ruffles a few feathers, even those of some other members of the board, but as President, he was absolutely the person we needed at the time we needed him.

He is finishing his first two-year term on the board, the last year as president. Gary tells me that he wants to serve one more term on the board and then intends to move aside for new blood.

CHARLES WEIDNER: Charlie hopes to replace our outgoing Treasurer, Mike Oostmeyer. Mike has served us very well as Treasurer since 2010, but is now retiring from the board.

In many ways, the Treasurer’s position is the most important on the board, and it isn’t often that a candidate is qualified to hold that position, and even more infrequent that one is willing. Fortunately for us, Charlie is such a candidate. He has a strong background in finance, and has considerable experience performing the duties of Treasurer for a large industry association, and with other non-profit organizations. In addition, Charlie has a degree in engineering, which will be helpful with future projects around the Hawks Nest.

JAMES DOBBS: I have known Jim for many years as he and I own at the same time here at the Hawks Nest. Jim is an attorney in Columbus, Ohio, and has extensive experience sitting on boards of directors, including as president of the condominium where he resides, and several church boards as well.

Jim feels that it is of utmost importance that plans be laid to perform maintenance and upgrades to the property on a systematic basis.

As his candidate profile indicates, Jim has been urged several times to run for the board. My experience with Jim Dobbs is that he is a smart, capable person who will be an active and engaged member of the board if he is elected.

Please consider voting for these three individuals when you return your ballot. The Hawks Nest is on a roll, so to speak, and I believe these three are the best choices to continue us down that path.

But most important, no matter which candidates you support, PLEASE VOTE!

–Bob Hogg