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Updated Rules and Regulations

As you may remember, after several disruptive incidents during the Summer of 2015, the membership approved an amendment to the by-laws allowing the association to levy fines and/or other discipline to owners who disregard the rules.

The Hawks Nest Board of Directors felt that the Rules and Regulations that we already had were in need of updating, so at its semi annual meeting on 9/11/16, the board approved the newly drafted set of Rules and Regulations which all owners are requested to observe. I have read them, and in my opinion, the main themes of the document are common sense and respect for our fellow owners.

I have posted the new document here, and I urge all owners to familiarize themselves with it.

I will post more information on what else transpired at the meeting when it becomes available.

September Board Meeting

The Board of Directors semi annual on-site meeting will be held this coming Sunday, 9/11/2016. I won’t be able to be there, but I urge any owners who are at the Hawks Nest or nearby this weekend, to attend if they can.

We rely on owners who are present and the board itself to keep all of us posted about what is going on down there. I do know that we have continuing maintenance problems including spalling, which is now happening inside the units as well as on the exterior, water intrusion during heavy rains, and numerous less urgent issues. It is unclear to me just how much of this can be addressed during maintenance month.

The board must stop the finger pointing and come together to solve these problems. Unfortunately, there is no insurance company waiting in the wings to bail us out this time.

Changes to the Website

I have recently made a couple of changes to the website, providing new features.

First, I added a timeshare calendar since the one that the Hawks Nest site has only goes through 2016. Originally, I put it under Bob’s Blog, but now it has its own menu entry at the top right of the Home page.

Second, I have created a separate page for Rental and Sales postings. This also is on the home page menu, in the middle at the top. If anyone has any ideas for additions or improvements to what we already have, please let me know at