Like all owners, I have an opinion on our current situation at the Hawks Nest and have frequently used this forum to ask questions and express that opinion. In my view, the Board leadership we have had for the last (roughly) 20 months has been poor. Mike Oostmeyer has been an exception to that. From lack of meetings, lack of information, virtually nothing getting accomplished in that period I feel that new leadership is needed and I hope that others run for the seats. We need some new blood. With Mike on the Board we will have adequate information to provide for continuity. Gary said when he was recommending Lew that he (Gary) would help regardless. Give Gary some sort of small monthly retainer for the four to six month period to complete the construction job. He is not qualified to be our general contractor. Had we engaged a general contractor from day one we would be far ahead of where we are now. The Board was correct to rescind the contracts previously awarded to Tucker Construction. They never should have been approved in the first place. Accomplishments during the last 20 months – lighting in the parking lot and a fire pump which was already in selection and vendor discussions before this Board took office almost two years ago. No question it has been a trying and very difficult period for the Hawks Nest and this volunteer Board. Our biggest challenges now are leadership and finances and I believe Mike O can better lead the Board in those endeavors. Again, hopefully others will run for the Board. I will not but I will be happy to assist the new Board in any way they might request. We need new leadership.

– Charles Lea

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