WIND CLAIM- Board president Gary Tucker will be coming to the Hawks Nest on January 6, 2019 to meet with the contractors and about the main spalling issues. He also has meetings scheduled with the engineer and the electrician. The lawyers are trying to schedule the mediation during the time that Gary will be at the Hawks Nest. They have already scheduled it twice and both times it was canceled because one of the attorneys couldn’t make it. I have had no contact with them over the holidays and expect to have an update on the new mediation date soon.

FIRE PUMP- The work on the fire pump will continue beginning tomorrow January 3, 2019 after a break by the contractors for the holidays. The waterline was completed up to the building where it will be installed. They are also installing the electric conduit for the parking lights in the same ditch while it is open.

I hope everyone had a safe and happy holiday. I am sure I will have much more information for the next update now that holidays have ended.

Best regards,

Gary Rumberger



As posted earlier, I did make it down to the Hawks Nest Jan.6th 2019. Gary and I spent the week meeting with contractors and talking to our engineer about a couple of ideas the contractors have suggested about the type of repairs they felt would work for us. Gary Rumberger and I met with two contractors about the pool and spa and we asked that they do some pressure testing of the PVC lines that are the drain and filtering systems. We felt this would be a help for them to evaluate the true repair cost. We also met with 3 contractors who looked at the structural needs and also met with one contractor regarding the spalling issues. I also traveled to Naples and met with two contractors that are in the railing, fence, and screen room business. I’m hoping to get bids from them in the near future. I’ll be sending them the pictures and quantities of what we need. We are awaiting the estimates from them so I can go to the board with the estimates for approval. If they are approved, we will start work on the building the last week of February. We still have limited monies to work with until the bank loan comes though or we settle with the insurance company. I am going to the Insurance mediation on February 15th, 2019. All in all I feel it was a very productive week.
Gary Tucker

Wind claim- The mediation date has finally been set and is scheduled for February 15th. Just a reminder that this is non-binding and the offer can be refused if the board feels it is not a fair offer. There is already a court date scheduled for March 24th if this is the way it turns out. We are certainly hoping it can be resolved at the mediation and not have to go that route.

Flood claim- The flood attorney has requested that the insurance company come back for another inspection. We told them we are beginning the work and that their time is up. He stated that it is alright to begin the work and asked if we could start on the upper floors first. The plan was to begin on the top and work our way down, so that will not be an issue.

Bank loan- The bank required that we resend all the information that we already submitted last year (outdated). That has been completed and it has gone back up the chain to the executive loan committee. Treasurer Mike Oostmeyer said he expects an answer in the next few days.

Fire pump- The installation continues with the new fire pump. The lines have been completed from the new building back to main building. Both lines were inspected by the fire marshal today and passed. They are also installing the new lines under the building that will connect to the existing fire system. The building that houses the pump is under roof and awaiting inspection to put the metal roof and louvers on. The building will then have the stucco installed and the building painted.
The electrician has removed all the pole bases and snapped off poles to get ready to install the new parking light fixtures. He is also running his conduit in the ditches while they are open for the fire pump.

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