Welcome To The Hawks Nest Owners Group

hawksnestThe Hawks Nest Owners Group was conceived in April, 2006 by a small number of owners who felt that there was a lack of communication not only between the elected officers of the condominium association and the owners, but also among the owners themselves.

By word-of-mouth, our membership has grown to include a significant percentage of the owners. This website is the next step in achieving our goal of enhancing communication among all the interested parties.

  What The Hawks Nest Owners Group is:

The Hawks Nest Owners Group is a forum for owners, management and the leadership of the association to exchange ideas and information relating to the operation and enjoyment of our home away from home. It is intended to help all owners to be more interested, knowledgeable and involved in the Hawks Nest.

  What The Hawks Nest Owners Group Is Not:

The Hawks Nest Owners Group is not a place for non-constructive criticism or personal attacks. It is not a political entity. Candidates for, and members of the board will have a forum here, but the group will not endorse anyone. That does not mean, however, that I or any other member for that matter, cannot express our personal views or support regarding individual candidates, or the board as a whole, in a respectful and civil manner.

Please follow the links to the Candidates’ Forum and to the Directors’ comments. All candidates and directors have been individually invited to participate. Some have decided to communicate with the owners and some have not. The comment areas of this website are interactive for registered users. Registration is easy and free.

I hope to hear from you soon.

Bob Hogg
Hawks Nest Owner
Weeks 8-16